Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Sneak Peek!

Happy New Year!
Ready to scrap??

There are a LOT of great ideas in scrapbooking out there to consider in the new year!

Take a photo a day and scrap it! Even if you get the 2 across photo protectors, each day one has a picture and the slot next to it, a card or "mini-layout" for journaling/notes about the picture. What a GREAT way to record a year, taking a picture a day to keep and share!
Scrapaganza sells the Popular PInc. albums with these 4x6 protectors that are perfect for this kind of project! So start TODAY and take that Picture of the Day!!!

A Layout a Day! Can you keep up with that? :) Try it! Keep it simple! Or get a kit! Either way, you will be happy with your efforts!

Start NOW! Scrapbook today forward! Don't be overwhelmed by the past and what you think should be done or scrapbooked. As I just pointed out, Scrapaganza sells scrapbooks with page protectors that hold 4x6 photos! Another great idea, mix and match! Slide in photo page protectors, and then every so often add a 12x12 layout! Or use these great album and protectors to store your photos waiting for layouts!

Here is a list of other "Resolution" ideas for the scrapbooker or card maker in the New Year!
1. Journal or blog daily. This will help you to put your thoughts and feelings onto paper. It will also allow you to do some brainstorming about new scrapbook layouts.
2. Regulary print your photographs. Whether they are on your computer, digital camera, or even your regular film 35 mm, print your photos. Even if you think you will not have time to scrapbook, it's still a good idea to print your photos regularly so that when you are ready scrapbook, you will have them on hand to begin your layout.
3. Do something artistic everyday. Even if it is just making a few pages of your own stationery using your rubber stamps, or getting all your supplies together to create a scrapbook page while experimenting with pictures, words and paper.
4. Learn something new about scrapbooking or stamping this year. The cool thing about having a hobby like scrapbooking or stamping is that there is always something new to learn, some new technique to try, some new layout to experiment with, a new challenge site to check out, or some new craft you can do with stamps. Whatever you choose, learn one new thing this year.
5. Submit one of your layouts or craft projects to a contest. Here at Scrapaganza, online, at the Mississippi Valley or other Fair... there are a lot of places online or locally you can enter your layouts! Consider entering one of your scrapbook layouts just for the fun of saying you participated. Who knows? You might actually win!
6. Use at least 3 of your stamps or tools that you have not used in a long time. It's easy to collect a lot of "stuff" that relates to your hobby -- sometimes you end up with so much stuff, that you actually forget about some of your greatest finds! Turn that trend around by choosing 3 stamps or tools you seldom use and experiment with them. It's not only fun, but a good way to make sure all that money you spent on your hobby was worth it!
7. ORGANIZE! Even if all you do is go through it all! Bag up items for the garage sale in April here at Scrapaganza, or just find a new or more product way to keep your supplies! Try a new system, or organize by color or subject. Whenever you see your stuff, it will help you remember what you have, and (hopefully) motivate you to create! :)

OK, on with the sneak peak!
Is THIS the new carpet??

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Colleen said...

The gray color isn't too bad, not sure about the green squares. I guess it would go with the pink and green colors from earlier.