Monday, June 30, 2008

PSL Tuesday...

Be sure to watch Paula Sands Live (KWQC) on Tuesday for "Scrapbooking the Quad Cities". There are so many activities going on in the Quad Citites, and Scrapaganza has great ideas to get them scrapbooked.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for adding us to your road trip!! The lovely ladies from Ingenious Inkling included us on their trip and had nice things to say :) Be sure you stop by her blog, too!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look who was Spied on GLITZ!

Our own Design Diva Ashleigh Dillion, is featured this week on the Glitz Design Blog!!

Click here to see Ashleigh featured on Glitz!!

Way to go ASHLEIGH! What a GREAT layout!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ranger U Report!!! (From Penny)

Hi all! I am VERY happy to report that I am back from Ranger U!! YAY!!
I had a GREAT time!! WOW!
I am still recovering from it all! It was a wonderful experience!
So much learned in 3 days!

And our class was the FIRST to be certified educators for the whole curriculum!
We "learned it all" in 3 days! OK, not EVERYTHING there is to learn-they had to modify to get it all done in three days, but it was a LOT!!!

I learned over 70 techniques in those three days!

I learned Melt Art from Suze Weinburg (WOW, this lady is amazing, and fun!!! I had the privilege of going out to dinner in a group with her, and she is a wonderful lady! Can't wait to go to New York and eat Sushi with her! :) )

I learned ALL about Claudine Hellmuth's New line with Ranger!! Can't tell just yet! Sorry ladies! But I will tell you, she is incredible! This is a GREAT lady! WOW!!

And then 2 and 1/3 days with the fabulous Tim Holtz!!

We did a tag of each technique learned! WOW! I have a HUGE stack!AND we got SO much stuff, it had it's own suitcase!! Seriously!! (Thanks Terri!!)

We painted, and inked, and crackled and cracked up! (LOL!) and distressed, and stamped, and...
{whew!} I even got to see "behind the scenes! I took a Stickles right off the line RIGHT after it was filled and capped!
This is the FABULOUS Bernie Berlin!! Demonstrating just how messy we all got!! :)

And I got to meet some FABULOUS people!! Be sure to come by my blog, where I will tell you a bit more about the people I met at Ranger U!!

The plan... to offer regular workshops at Scrapaganza, so that you to can learn the techniques!!

The first Ranger classes are scheduled for August!!

Keep checking back!! We are formulating a class series, and will give you the details as SOON as we have them worked out!!

Check my blog for even more!!

See ya soon at Scrapaganza!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Join us for a class!!

We have a lot of fun and creative classes being offered in July. Get out of the heat {or rain???} and join one of the designers for an exciting afternoon. This week I will be featuring the classes on the blog, so you can see what they are all about.

First up... Under The Stars Layout Class. Come join Kim Garner, the newest Rusty Pickle Chef, to create 6 pages full of summer adventures! Using Rusty Pickle's newest paper, "Under The Stars", you will make pages for camping, fishing, hiking, and just enjoying summer. This class will be held on July 26th, 10 am until noon. The cost is $24. Stop in or call Scrapaganza 563.391.0099 to get registered. As always, kits are available if you can't make it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Glitz it up!!

Your challenge for June is all about Glitz! There are NO stipulations to the challenge besides the fact that you use Glitz Designs products. {You can use other products, but must use Glitz) Your deadline for this month is June 30th. E-mail, leave a link in the comments, or stop by the store.

*Just to confirm, we are choosing a winner this month like past months, not a drawing.

Here are some of our projects to get your creativity flowing!




Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Challenge Results

We had such great entries this month we couldn't decide a winner! It was fun to see everyone's High School pictures. To determine the winner we decided to let Hallie {my daughter} help out with a drawing...

Congratulations Charlene!! What do you think of a drawing every month?? {It takes the pressure off us!} I'd love your feedback if you like this or not. Here are the entries for the month. (click on the layout to make them larger)




Charlene's journaling reads:
There is no such thing as time machines. But if there was, I would go back to my senior year in high school to have a good talking to, to my 17 year old self. I would tell the younger version that we made mistakes that would affect the rest of our life. I would try to tell her be yourself, find yourself. Our life should not revolve around Kevin. Go to college, learn how to do something, we'll need some kind of skill eventually. If you have the smallest idea of breaking up with Kevin, do it! There are other fish in the sea that will want you, and he will break our heart. Go do things; don't sit at home waiting on a phone call or letter from Kevin. They'll be few and far between. Try to get to a doctor for depression, you have it and we're gonna need medication for it. Go for a walk or get on the bike you're getting for graduation. Exercise is actually fun and feels great and makes your mood better. Learn how to eat right, change your habits now. It only gets harder. Live your own life; don't let anyone tell you how. The last thing I would leave with my younger self is this. If you don't listen and go down the same path, be ready. Be ready to live with roaches in a run down house in NC for 5 months. Be ready to live with Dad in Ohio, after you're married and pregnant with your 1st child. Be ready for a divorce, it will be nasty. Be ready to live with Mom, with 2 little kids. Be ready for a bad rebound period. Be ready to have major conflict with 2nd husband's family. Be ready to spend 5 days in a mental hospital, for postpartum depression. Be ready for hubby # 2 to walk out. Be ready to fight for him to come back. Be ready for major problems with child # 2. Read up on ADHD. We will survive, although there will be times you'll think how can I possibly deal with this, how much more can I take? You will find you're stronger than you think.
Stay posted for the next challenge... in the meantime dig out or stock up on Glitz!!! {wink, wink}

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Extend your alphabet stickers....

Alphabets stickers are back "in"... everyone is making them... there are tons of fresh and fun fonts!
One of MY personal favorite is all things "Thickers" by American Crafts!
LOVE them! Always gotta have MORE!
BUT eventually, ya run short...
One way to make them last just that much longer is to use them just a bit differently, to make the sheet usable longer! YAY!

Here's a list of ways to make use of what's left, cuz ya just know you have a hard time parting with them! I know I do!

lower case b - upside down makes a q
lower case c - add a full stop on the middle to make a creative lower case e or add an extra side to make a lower case d
lower case d - upside down makes a p
lower case g - some can be turned upside down to make a b (cut the tail!)
lower case j - can be cut down to a lower case i
lower case m - upside down can sometimes make a w (vice versa)
lower case u or n - can be switched to be either when upside down
lower case x - cut off one leg to make the letter y
upper case A - can be cut to an upper case V
upper case B - can be cut to an upper case P
upper case E - can be cut to an upper case F
upper case G - can be cut to an upper case C
upper case H - can be cut to two upper case I's
upper case P - add a leg to make an upper case R
upper case Q - can be cut to an upper case O
upper case R - can be cut to an upper case P
upper case T - can be cut to an upper case L
uppercase Z - can be turned to an upper case N (vice versa)
upper case V - add a dot to make an upper case A

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Beware.... Glitz Design has recently assigned two spies to scope out the message boards, blogs, anywhere Glitz has been posted for the BEST Glitz layouts, projects & cards. These two spies will be choosing one featured "project" each week until the BIG reveal at CHA. At this time they will choose ONE designer to have his or her work SHOWCASED at the Glitz Design booth at CHA Summer 2008 in Chicago. {Did I mention that designer would also get some Glitzy Goodies??}

Scrapaganza has recently got in TWO of their lines (a very trendy pink and black, zebra print girly line and a very "dirty" browns and blues and oranges rusty boy line) and plenty of frosting and roller doodles! Be sure to stop in and check it out! Feel free to leave a link in the comments below of your Glitz work!!

Also, stop by Glitz Blog and check out the weekly ideas for Glitz products!!

Here are the spies: {you may recognize them in the Quad Cities!! SHHHHH!!}

All About Paint...

Do you love the look of paint... but not sure how to use it on your scrapbooking? Be sure to stop by e-zine for ideas and inspiration. Follow this link to go directly to the paint page. Under the article you will find my "Write it on your heart canvas". Enjoy! ...and don't forget to sign up for my class in June to make a canvas with Fancy Pants products. {it's like scrapbooking for your walls!!}