Thursday, June 5, 2008

Extend your alphabet stickers....

Alphabets stickers are back "in"... everyone is making them... there are tons of fresh and fun fonts!
One of MY personal favorite is all things "Thickers" by American Crafts!
LOVE them! Always gotta have MORE!
BUT eventually, ya run short...
One way to make them last just that much longer is to use them just a bit differently, to make the sheet usable longer! YAY!

Here's a list of ways to make use of what's left, cuz ya just know you have a hard time parting with them! I know I do!

lower case b - upside down makes a q
lower case c - add a full stop on the middle to make a creative lower case e or add an extra side to make a lower case d
lower case d - upside down makes a p
lower case g - some can be turned upside down to make a b (cut the tail!)
lower case j - can be cut down to a lower case i
lower case m - upside down can sometimes make a w (vice versa)
lower case u or n - can be switched to be either when upside down
lower case x - cut off one leg to make the letter y
upper case A - can be cut to an upper case V
upper case B - can be cut to an upper case P
upper case E - can be cut to an upper case F
upper case G - can be cut to an upper case C
upper case H - can be cut to two upper case I's
upper case P - add a leg to make an upper case R
upper case Q - can be cut to an upper case O
upper case R - can be cut to an upper case P
upper case T - can be cut to an upper case L
uppercase Z - can be turned to an upper case N (vice versa)
upper case V - add a dot to make an upper case A


Nicole said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog, your's looks so cool! Yep I'm on the DT for Ready set create with Monica :)

Charlene E. said...

The suspense is killing me! Who won the blog challenge?!?!

Thanks for the advice on the alphabet stickers, some I knew but others I would have never thought of.

Ashleigh Dillin said...


Amanda Olson said...

What about alphabet stamps? Does anyone use those anymore?

Candi Ladwig said...

Yes, stamps are a great option also! Sometimes stickers are just an easier, quicker, cleaner way to get your title, journaling, or other accents on a layout.

The Scrap Works foam stamps are great {that were in NYOBC last month}. Also, I love the Karen Foster Snap Stamps. --These will space your lettering out perfect.

Both stickers and stamps are great options for scrapbooking and other papercrafts... use either/or, or BOTH!!!