Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Challenge Results

We had such great entries this month we couldn't decide a winner! It was fun to see everyone's High School pictures. To determine the winner we decided to let Hallie {my daughter} help out with a drawing...

Congratulations Charlene!! What do you think of a drawing every month?? {It takes the pressure off us!} I'd love your feedback if you like this or not. Here are the entries for the month. (click on the layout to make them larger)




Charlene's journaling reads:
There is no such thing as time machines. But if there was, I would go back to my senior year in high school to have a good talking to, to my 17 year old self. I would tell the younger version that we made mistakes that would affect the rest of our life. I would try to tell her be yourself, find yourself. Our life should not revolve around Kevin. Go to college, learn how to do something, we'll need some kind of skill eventually. If you have the smallest idea of breaking up with Kevin, do it! There are other fish in the sea that will want you, and he will break our heart. Go do things; don't sit at home waiting on a phone call or letter from Kevin. They'll be few and far between. Try to get to a doctor for depression, you have it and we're gonna need medication for it. Go for a walk or get on the bike you're getting for graduation. Exercise is actually fun and feels great and makes your mood better. Learn how to eat right, change your habits now. It only gets harder. Live your own life; don't let anyone tell you how. The last thing I would leave with my younger self is this. If you don't listen and go down the same path, be ready. Be ready to live with roaches in a run down house in NC for 5 months. Be ready to live with Dad in Ohio, after you're married and pregnant with your 1st child. Be ready for a divorce, it will be nasty. Be ready to live with Mom, with 2 little kids. Be ready for a bad rebound period. Be ready to have major conflict with 2nd husband's family. Be ready to spend 5 days in a mental hospital, for postpartum depression. Be ready for hubby # 2 to walk out. Be ready to fight for him to come back. Be ready for major problems with child # 2. Read up on ADHD. We will survive, although there will be times you'll think how can I possibly deal with this, how much more can I take? You will find you're stronger than you think.
Stay posted for the next challenge... in the meantime dig out or stock up on Glitz!!! {wink, wink}


Ashleigh Dillin said...

Wow these LO's were GOOD. Nice work ladies! Charlene, I LOVE your journaling, I was crying when I read it. Congrats girl!

Charlene E. said...

First, I love Hallie! Second YEAH!!!! I really thought about what I was going to do on this lo. I really wanted it to have meaning. It wasn't supposed to bring anyone to tears, but thanks, I think?
I'm all for drawings. My feelings won't get hurt, if I don't win then. Cause there were a couple of times, I was like "What, I can't believe It"!!! (Joking)
I really liked the addition of the dipolma on Robin's lo. I think I have another high school lo idea.

Anonymous said...

personally, I don't think I want to participate if it is just a drawing-it doesn't push me... or challenge me to "win". Maybe you all at Scrapaganza can vote on the winner instead?

Penny Smith said...

OH charlene! WOW! Powerful!~ Way to tell the story girl! Dang! Awesome!

MARION!! That is awesome! Great LO! What a hotties!!

SUZIE! Speaking of hotties!!

OK Sara-you don't look any different! Awesome girlie! :)

Robin-love your details! Great way to have your your diploma too! Great LO!

What a great showing! Great ideas!!!

Anonymous said...

Drawings would not be as fun as actually being picked/voted on as the winner...I want the challenge.

Great Journaling Charlene!

Charlene E. said...

Ok, I have watched Hallie draw my name probably a dozen times now, because it's so cute. I love how she says congratulations. Thanks for putting that on here. It makes me smile every time.

Candi Ladwig said...

Hallie was so excited she got to help out!! :) Glad she makes ya smile, Charlene... she keeps me laughing everyday!!

Charlene E. said...

I went to club today and showed Kelly and Beth my winning LO. Sat down, had club, which was really neat. Gotta find some good pens. I paid for my club book and a few other items and walked right out of there without my prize! I went out to lunch with hubby and realized that I had forgotten my prize. So I had to drive all the way back to the store to get it. I probably won't get in again until the next club date. Beth took a picture of me with my winnings. I'm sure it will find it's way here.

Marion said...

Congratulations Charlene! That was awesome journaling!
I agree, a drawing is not be the challenge that having your work actually judged is. But I also don't like it where "everyone" votes, just hard to please, I know.