Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ranger U Report!!! (From Penny)

Hi all! I am VERY happy to report that I am back from Ranger U!! YAY!!
I had a GREAT time!! WOW!
I am still recovering from it all! It was a wonderful experience!
So much learned in 3 days!

And our class was the FIRST to be certified educators for the whole curriculum!
We "learned it all" in 3 days! OK, not EVERYTHING there is to learn-they had to modify to get it all done in three days, but it was a LOT!!!

I learned over 70 techniques in those three days!

I learned Melt Art from Suze Weinburg (WOW, this lady is amazing, and fun!!! I had the privilege of going out to dinner in a group with her, and she is a wonderful lady! Can't wait to go to New York and eat Sushi with her! :) )

I learned ALL about Claudine Hellmuth's New line with Ranger!! Can't tell just yet! Sorry ladies! But I will tell you, she is incredible! This is a GREAT lady! WOW!!

And then 2 and 1/3 days with the fabulous Tim Holtz!!

We did a tag of each technique learned! WOW! I have a HUGE stack!AND we got SO much stuff, it had it's own suitcase!! Seriously!! (Thanks Terri!!)

We painted, and inked, and crackled and cracked up! (LOL!) and distressed, and stamped, and...
{whew!} I even got to see "behind the scenes! I took a Stickles right off the line RIGHT after it was filled and capped!
This is the FABULOUS Bernie Berlin!! Demonstrating just how messy we all got!! :)

And I got to meet some FABULOUS people!! Be sure to come by my blog, where I will tell you a bit more about the people I met at Ranger U!!

The plan... to offer regular workshops at Scrapaganza, so that you to can learn the techniques!!

The first Ranger classes are scheduled for August!!

Keep checking back!! We are formulating a class series, and will give you the details as SOON as we have them worked out!!

Check my blog for even more!!

See ya soon at Scrapaganza!!!!


Charlene E. said...

Sign me up for the first class! I can't wait to get a peek at your tag book of techniques! I'm so glad you got to go and I'm so jealous!

Colleen said...

I can't wait for the classes. Sounds like you had a ton of fun.