Monday, June 16, 2008

Glitz it up!!

Your challenge for June is all about Glitz! There are NO stipulations to the challenge besides the fact that you use Glitz Designs products. {You can use other products, but must use Glitz) Your deadline for this month is June 30th. E-mail, leave a link in the comments, or stop by the store.

*Just to confirm, we are choosing a winner this month like past months, not a drawing.

Here are some of our projects to get your creativity flowing!





gambling game lottery said...

Baw, kasagad-sagad sa iya ubra blog!

lotto sweepstakes said...

It could challenge the ideas of the people who visit your blog.

berto said...

And also we ensure that when we enter in this specific blog site we see to it that the topic was cool to discuss and not a boring one.

Angela said...

Here's my Glitz creation!! Thanks for the fun contest!"