Sunday, January 11, 2009


Where does the time go!!!

Are you EXCITED yet???

The new store is coming along!!

Moving is screaming at us!!!

So time for a SALE!!!
A "We Don't Want to MOVE it" Sale!!!

Tomorrow, January 12th-Monday: 10% off the entire store!!
Tuesday: 15% off everything you can cart out!!
Wednesday: 20% off all things you can't live WITHOUT!!
Thursday: 25% off the whole enchilada!!
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 30% off the ENTIRE STORE!!!

AND check your email! Monday, Wednesday and Friday through Sunday-a coupon!!
40% off ONE item!!! YAY!!

(All discounts excluding The Slice products)
There will also be addition DEEP DISCOUNT markdowns on clearance items!!
And Rolled Stickers: 3 for $0.05!!

Come early for the BEST selection!!
The more you take with you, the less we have to move.
The more you buy, the more NEW product we'll bring into the new store!!!
(Don't forget to grab adhesive and essentials!!)

Here are some pictures of the volunteers HARD at work!!

And keep watching for more sneak peeks!!


Colleen said...

the space looks huge, I can't wait to see the new store. I am sure that it will be awesome.

Michele said...

That space DOES look huge!!! I'm so excited for the new store!