Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving Diary-Day 1

It all started at about 8am!
The new store is ready to take in the things from the "old" store,
and those of us up early, we are excited and ready to go!

It went VERY smoothly!

(See Megan? "Where's Waldo"?!)

Most of what was in the old location, is now at the new location!

Just a full week of sorting, organizing and making pretty!

You will not BELIEVE the new store!
Beautiful! We are all SO excited!!

Here a sneaky peeky!! More to come each day!!

And here are the LAST customers of the "old" store!
(A little blurry-they just COULDN'T stand still, they were so excited!!)

Thanks everyone for a GREAT week!!
It is wonderful to see so many of you as excited as we are!!


Colleen said...

so excited. Can't wait to see the new look. Love the nice chairs, hoping they are for classes. Have fun with the set up of the new store.

Charlene E. said...

Can't wait for a crop to try out the chairs!