Sunday, January 25, 2009

Miss us???

Well enough of THAT!

Tomorrow is the day!

We are RE-OPENING!!!!

Come check it out!!

We're still working out the bugs, so come and give us your input!

WE think it looks great! We hope YOU do to!

More space, more classroom seats, more room to move-just more ways we are continuing to strive to be YOUR scrapbooking store!

We've missed ya!!

And watch for information about the GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION SOON!!!!

But JUST in case you can't get there RIGHT at 9am!! :)
A few more previews!


Kim said...

Looks like so much has changed since I was there on Friday! Can't wait for tomorrow morning!

Colleen said...

Looks good. I even saw that the kids play area is still there. Kristen was worried that it would go away.
See you soon.

Marion said...

Well, I'm just back from the NEW STORE and it is just simply WONDERFUL!!! It is so spacious and so light (and its not a bright day!) The aisles are wide and yet there is lots of room for goodies. I just LOVE it! Congratulations Beth and Kelly and everyone...

Charlene E. said...

I was there bright and early this morning. I think 2nd in the door, love, love, love it! It's just so beautiful to see everything in the wide open spaces! And I can bend over without bumping my butt into the shelves behind me. I don't know how many of those little hooks I have knocked off over the years. I'm so happy for the gals, and you could see it on thier faces too. Got my crops paid for and am so ready for club to start back up. I also got some of the new product (before it disappears) they have room for now.

Ashleigh Dillin said...

UGH this is killing me! I wish I wasn't stuck in St Louis in this bad snow storm at a teaching convention!!!! I cant wait to get back to work!!!! Congrats Beth and Kelly miss all of you!