Friday, January 30, 2009

A Wonderful Week!!

Monday was the day!

The paper came down...

And Scrapaganza re-opened!!

Can you believe??
What a difference a week makes!!

THANK you everyone for your well wishes, cards, flowers, gifts, and enthusiasm!!

It has been a wonderful week!

And to think-we haven't even had our Grand Opening yet!!
WHICH WILL BE FEBRUARY 13th and 14th!!
There will be a crop on Friday night 6pm-midnight, and Saturday 10am-midnight!
Watch for information on a sale, and other special announcements!!
Sign up for the crop TODAY!
Even though we have 24 seats now, we are filling FAST!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Miss us???

Well enough of THAT!

Tomorrow is the day!

We are RE-OPENING!!!!

Come check it out!!

We're still working out the bugs, so come and give us your input!

WE think it looks great! We hope YOU do to!

More space, more classroom seats, more room to move-just more ways we are continuing to strive to be YOUR scrapbooking store!

We've missed ya!!

And watch for information about the GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION SOON!!!!

But JUST in case you can't get there RIGHT at 9am!! :)
A few more previews!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Moving Diary Day 5!!

Are we done yet??

It is DEFINITELY getting there!!

And MAN it is exciting!!

We can hardly stand it-can you??

To answer a question:
I will show ya a little classroom, once the tables aren't being used for our lunch and a place to stack stuff!
NOT pretty at the moment!

There will be 24 permanent seats, with possibly a bit more room for a class if neccesary, if they are moved together. We wanted to make sure that you have space when there is a crop, and there IS!!

I can ALREADY imagine Tim Holtz or someone else special coming to teach!! YEP! That would be awesome!!

To answer another question, the crops for February are NOT sold out yet-since we didn't really post the dates anywhere just yet! So give us a call, and we will get ya booked!

Lookin' good!

Somethin' new?

Hows that for a busy day??

Moving Diary Day 4!

It is coming together!!!!

Day by day, things are going where they need to!

We worked out the classroom!! Lots of space and it works so nicely, I think you will all be pleased!

Does this mean our sign on the windows has gone up??? Hmmmmm? :)
Could this mean things are easier to see and get to??

And this means we are still busy getting ready!

But not without new little surprises!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moving Diary Day 3!

What day is it?? :)
Got home kinda late last night-so let's pretend it is still Weds.!!

We are still plugging along!!
It is starting to look like a store! Displyas going where they need to,
product being organized...
I just KNOW you are going to love the space!!
Room for your bags, room to move!!

Since I don't have many pictures of us at work, how about a few sneak peak pictures??

Keep watching!!
Just 4 more days 'til opening!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moving Diary-Day 2!

Are we done yet?? :)

Well, we are done moving everything (except the ceiling fans!) from the old store to the new one!!

We are tired, and sore, but our spirits are still up!

We are still cracking jokes and laughing, as we navigate the maze of baskets, boxes, displays, tables, chairs, paper trays.... well, you get the idea. There is a LOT to put away!

More paper trays... we are going to NEED them!

The store is going to be SO great!

We can't wait to be in, and teaching in the new store!!
WOW!! Can you BELIEVE!!!

OH!! And the SIGN is moved!
I guess it is official now!
{Coming down.}

{Going up!}

And here is another sneak peek!!

See ya tomorrow!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving Diary-Day 1

It all started at about 8am!
The new store is ready to take in the things from the "old" store,
and those of us up early, we are excited and ready to go!

It went VERY smoothly!

(See Megan? "Where's Waldo"?!)

Most of what was in the old location, is now at the new location!

Just a full week of sorting, organizing and making pretty!

You will not BELIEVE the new store!
Beautiful! We are all SO excited!!

Here a sneaky peeky!! More to come each day!!

And here are the LAST customers of the "old" store!
(A little blurry-they just COULDN'T stand still, they were so excited!!)

Thanks everyone for a GREAT week!!
It is wonderful to see so many of you as excited as we are!!