Monday, April 11, 2011

New Tim Holtz Sizzix and Sew Easy is back!

We have several items from Tim Holtz' newest releases! They have been selling quickly so come in fast to get yours! We do re-order but Tim's stuff gets back-ordered quickly and is hard to get back in. If we've run out of something you want, just let us know and we'll write you down in the order book! Here are just a few items we still have in stock as of Saturday.

Banners Die
We had many others of his new releases, including the new sizes of the Rosette die, the Gears texture fades, and more! So let us know if you need something that already sold out!

The Sew Easy tool and accessories are back in stock! Get yours NOW! They are FLYING out the door again! Check out a review of the Sew Easy tools here!

Have a scrappy great day!


Anonymous said...

How do you use the sew easy tool?

Thank you

Penny Smith said...

Jeanette, I just added a link to the Sew Easy review you did last fall to the post! Hope that helps!!
Thanks for posting!