Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Garage Sale is Coming!

Thursday is the day to start bringing in your Garage Sale items ladies (and gents!) Are you busy sorting? :)  We can hardly wait for you all to come shop the Garage Sale-aganza! It is ALWAYS a bargain hunters delight!

Those of you that signed up should have gotten our list of Garage Sale guidelines; but here they are again just in case! These guidelines will help you have the most profitable Garage Sale so read and enjoy your profits!

·       Drop off is Thursday, April 7th from 10 am -8 pm.
·       Bag your items in ziplock type bags.  The 2 gallon size fits 12x12 papers perfectly.
·       On a 3x5 or 4x6 index card place your number in the upper RIGHT hand corner.  Write a brief description of the product and the price.
·       Place the card INSIDE the bag of product you are selling.
·       If you cannot bag the item, securely fasten the price card to the item.
·       Mark any item with “no ½ off” if you do not want that item to be marked down on Sunday.
·       Scrapaganza is not responsible for lost or misplaced price cards.
·       It is at Scrapaganza’s discretion to price any item found without a card.
·       You will receive 90% of your total sales as in store credit.  We will keep 10%. 
·       You receive no stamps when making a purchase using your garage sale credit.
·       Please let us know if you want your items donated after the sale. 
·       If not donating, please have your items picked up by Tuesday, April 12th at 5 pm.  Items left over after that date will be donated.

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