Friday, November 14, 2008

Customer Appreciation-CSI Question #5

OK girls (and maybe boys??) :) We are at the last day!
Before I give ya the question, just to remind you... even if you discovered these questions TODAY, you can answer all 5 and send them in today (by midnight) and be eligible for the prize drawing!!

So, answer all 5 questions, email them to, and if ya have them all right, your entered!!!! YAY!!!

If you COMMENT on the blog, you may be eligible for ANOTHER drawing!!
Two ways to win!!

From what I hear, there are TWO crop spaces left for TONIGHT-we had a cancellation.
Bring a friend and enjoy:
Baked Ziti from Lunardi's!!!
A Goodie bag,
Prize drawings,
And six hours of FUN!!

OK, back to the show. :)

Question #5!!!
What am I??
"Pop" and I'm open... add to me, take away, "Pop" I'm closed. Nothing to unscrew! I come in ALL the colors of the rainbow. I align with all sizes! Really! I am where you store your pages.
What am I and what kind of these am I??
Oh, and buy one of me on Saturday, and you get another for 50% off!!

Can't wait to see who is playin'!!!

Thanks ladies! It has been FUN!!

Don't forget to come in TOMORROW for the Customer Appreciation fun!!

Free make -n-takes!!
Free layout with picture!!

NOT to be missed!!!


Colleen said...

Can't wait for tomorrow. Figured out todays, yesterdays however is throwing me for a loop.

Charlene E. said...

I've got them all, easy peesy.

Michele said...

I just found the questions but I am such a new scrapper that I don't know the answers! haha I will keep trying to figure them out though

Hasko said...

Da..... da da da......
duuuuhhhhhhh.......................the final mystery, but I'm still here!

Pat said...

I am missing the fun but am in Wisc for an early thanksgiving with the kids and would not miss this either. Hope that you are having a great time.

PamS said...

This has been fun whether I got the answers right or not.