Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Customer Appreciation-CSI Question #2!!

OK, did you get yesterdays question??
Add this one to your list of answers!!

Come on girls!! Easy way to get a prize!! The more of you that play, the bigger the prize!!
How will we know how many of you are p;ayin'? Leave a comment!! Doesn't matter which day of the week you jump in-as long as the answers come in after Fridays question, and are entered by Friday at midnight! (scrapaganzaonline@gmail.com)

We might even pick someone for a RAK from our comments list this week!! Never know!! :)

OK, Question #2!!
I'm quite compact, for what I can do! I can be Noteworthy, I can "sing" Fa La La La, or be Spellbound, and I know the Basics-1, 2, 3... I love Animal Crackers, especially in the Fall. :)
I go just about anywhere too! I even have cute "luggage"! What/Who am I??

Add this to your list, and be sure to comment! Remember, it might be another chance to WIN! :)

We at Scrapaganza DO appreciate YOU!! Our customers, our friends!

Thanks for playin'!

See ya tomorrow!


Colleen said...

I got yesterday's but today I am confused.

Christine said...

I think I know this one.

PamS said...

I am sure that I know this answer also. Can't wait for Friday.

Hasko said...

Got it!

Candi Ladwig said...

Gosh, is it bad when you own everything you are talking about?? :) This is a fun game!!