Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Customer Appreciation-CSI Question #3!!

Are we having fun yet??
Come on girls!
Leaving your comments will up your chances to win a prize!!
We want to see who's playin' along! (And thank you to those of you that are leaving comments! :))

Without further delay...

What am I? (to help those of you that might be having some problems with the last questions, so far everything has been a "what"... I mentioned "who" cuz I thought maybe the questions might be too easy! :) Maybe not! )

You can see through me. My image is everything. I am "clingy". Add some color to my life and my image changes. I come in all shapes and sizes. I am "non-traditional", because I am free and clear. I can be used over and over. If I get dirty, and won't stick, rinse me off, and I am ready again for action.
(The "general" answer here is fine... no brand name specifics in this case since there are SO many brands that these can be! :) )

OK!! We'll see ya tomorrow!


Colleen said...

Today was much easier than yesterday?
So when is there going to be more info about the make n takes on Saturday? Trying to plan my day.

Christine said...

I agree, much easier today!

PamS said...

This is so much fun waiting for the next clue!

Hasko said...

Clearly, I understand this clue!