Monday, June 7, 2010

Countdown to Favorite Things-Weekly Announcement #1

Scrapaganza ScrapBucks

In addition to the extra savings we offer on Mondays,
(10% off with your Scrapaganza bag),
we want to make your summer a SCRAPPY one!

Introducing Scrapaganza ScrapBucks!
For every purchase made during the week,
we will enter your name in a weekly drawing for
$20 in ScrapBucks!
The winner will be announced every Friday on the Scrapaganza Blog and by phone.
Weekly entries accumulate from Friday to Friday.
We will be drawing for ScrapBucks every Friday
through Friday, September 3rd!

Hey! Let us know how excited you are about The Favorite Things Crop! Post a comment on the blog and we will pick a random post to win a PRIZE! We'll announce the winner NEXT MONDAY, JUNE 14th!


Ann Jobes said...

Online crops are always fun!!

Marion said...

?? I am excited to know what are all of your favorite things! I hope they'll be my favorite things too. Probably. If this favorites crop is as good as the ones in the past I'll be real happy. Thanks for doing this.

Nick said...

I am SO EXCITED for the Favorites crop!! We wait all year for it - sort of like Christmas!

Dawn Rhodes said...

I don't think that words can describe how EXCITED I am about the favorite things crop! Last year I had fun and I didn't even know anyone. Although I had fun scrapbooking and talking with new people the best part was getting to walk around and see all the new ideas and of course the favorite things! I was so happy with my album last year I had to buy another one. You guys are the best for putting this on!


Jodee said...

I wish I could join you at the crop! Sounds like lots of fun!

Charlene E. said...

I agree with Nick, it's like waiting for Christmas morning. I'm begging my husband to take off work early that day so I can get there on Friday and start the party as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about this years Favorite Things Crop, I've already told my family and friends that I'm not available that weekend and my cell phone will be on silent!

Adrienne Blackwell

Kris said...

I am super excited about the Favorite Things crop. I was excited when you posted it on the blog to sign up, I do believe I was the first one on the list. It is going to be so AWESOME, and I keep getting told its better than last year! Yipee

Pat O. said...

I have attended all of your events and each surpasses the last one!! I love seeing all the new things that are your favorites but also the prizes, games, people, food/drink and everything involved!!! The interaction with all the people and seeing what they are working on!! Ideas that are shared. It is a VERY FUN weekend!! I also get to share the weekend with my family and that makes it special!!

SarahA said...

I am still reliving last years "Favorite Things" crop. It was my first time. It was so much fun! Meeting people, games, prizes, food, etc. Really looking forward to this years crop. I will probably be working on my 400 some Disney photos. Thanks so much for all you do for us customers. We really are "a big deal!" LOL!

Anonymous said...

I have came to the favorite things crop every year. I am so excited waiting for the time to sign up I don't want to be left out. last year my sister came form Des Moines she had such a good time that she signed up as early as possible but she will not be hear this year in person she is still keeping her spot so she can get all the wonderful things she will miss being there but she has the chance to go to Australa so I geast i can exquse her this year.
annette o'donnell

Cindy said...

Very, Very EXCITED!!! to finally have time to do what I love for two days:) I have been sorting through all of my scrappy goodness and pictures. It is going to be a great weekend:)

Jennifer said...

Woohoo! Of course I'm excited about the crop! Only been looking forward to it since Christmas!! lol :)