Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Sneak Peek!!

We at Scrapaganza we hope you had a JOYFUL Christmas, full of health and happiness!
We are not just here to sell product, but to help you preserve the memories you cherish.

Many people have said "Oh, I am not crafty, I can't scrapbook"... Ahhh, but you don't have to be "crafty". You just have to want to save your memories and tell your stories. The rest will come. It is a LOT easier than it might look to you. :)

In the New Year, I challenge you to help a friend learn this art. Their stories are important too!

Bring a friend, and we will give you and your friend just starting out a coupon for 15% off your purchase! Some restrictions apply, but let's get someone new started TODAY!!

OK... some have been waiting for a PEEK at the new store! Well, here is the first one. I will be putting one up every other day this week. There is a trick to this!! Some pictures... they may be showing what we are replacing, or "redoing"... Take a guess each time... there might be a little prize for those get it right!
Keep watching through next Friday!!!

OK, First one is easy!! Just a little sneaky-peeky from the front door. :)
More room (BIG store!), BIG classroom, and EXTENDED hours!!!
Can you hardly wait??


Colleen said...

How exciting for everyone. I can't wait to see the new space.

Charlene E. said...

I would love the extended hours. You don't know how many nights I've wanted to get something but it was after 5! I can't wait to see more!