Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Show and Share

Are you all getting excited for the "return" of stamps?? Stamps didn't go away, they have just got improved! We are getting very antsy for our new line to arrive as well as some odds and ends from other lines! We found some really cool stamps and techniques at CHA! They should be arriving very shortly! So... we ask, what is your take on stamps.

I have really been enjoying all the new rubber stamps that have been popping up all over the scrapbooking industry! The clear acrylic stamps have to be my favorite, I just love all the flourishes and journal circles they are so easy to see exactly where you are stamping. I also love the 7 gypsies certified stamps. The circle dot it my favorite and I use it on almost every layout! The best thing about stamps are that you can use them over and over again. I just bought the Heidi Swapp FOREVER stamp to use on my wedding invitations since I can use it over and over it helps cut down on the cost.
I personally had put all my stamps in tubs and forgotten about them for the last year or two... I recently had the chance to look at some of them, and will be starting to try to incorporate them into my scrapbook pages more. I realize I have a wealth of great stamps, and they can be used on the page as well as making embellishments. I can make great embellishments with this flower set I have from Stampin Up.
I love stamps! In fact, I can’t wait for all the new stamps we ordered at CHA to come in. I think stamps have become much more “scrapbooking friendly” with more swirls, doodles, and backgrounds. I really love using the clear blocks so I can see exactly where I am stamping.
Stamps are now so much more user friendly. If you don't like rubber stamps with wood blocks (trying to place them, finding things you would even use on your scrapbook pages) there are a couple of options.
Inque Boutique offers a rubber stamp, but it mounts on an acrylic block. You can see the placement easily, because the image is printed on the back precisely where the image is on the other side! It is a precut stamp to, right next to the image! And rubber gives finer detail that you can get with acrylic stamps. We are anxiously awaiting for these to come into Scrapaganza!!
Speaking of acrylic, there are so many companies offering stamps for scrapbookers! Flourishes, doodles, alphabets, arrows, journaling boxes... things you can use over and over again!
Can't forget foam stamps! There are many fun alphabets and shapes available, and you can vary the look based on how thick the paint is on the stamps.
If you want a quick idea without our buying a stamp at all, use bubble wrap as a stamp! It is a great background or accent! Or use your pencil eraser for dots, the paint top or soda top as a circle, or curl a piece of cardstock into a tube/spiral to make a whimsical stamp image. If you are not comfortable with doodling, there are some great stamp options!
Stamps are becoming an awesome scrapbooking element! Give 'em a try if you haven't!

I haven't used stamps very much until this last year, so I'm not much of an expert at all. When the acrylic stamps became popular I decided to try them. I really like to use them so I can see exactly where I'm stamping. My favorite way to use them is to create one-of-a-kind papers using stamps and a watermark stamp pad. I like to dress up the stamp by adding brads, eyelets, flowers or ribbon.

Please, be sure to comment about your uses and if you have any photos we would love to see them. E-mail them to

Here is a layout we got last week for the Flower topic. Thank you Charlene E. for participating and sharing your work.


Charlene E. said...

First of all my lo looks great!
When I first started scrapbooking I didn't find stamps that lent themselves to mulitple uses, so didn't get any. Now with the journaling, doodling, letters, and flourishes that are out there I'm getting quite the collection. Most of mine are the clear ones. Now I just have to have a bigger collection of inks. There are so many different types of inks that it is kind of confusing. Then there are all the colors! Then there is the storage issue. But I'm having loads of fun with the stamps.
Now girls, remember let us customers get at those new stamps first!!!!

Penny said...

I'll save a couple things for ya Charlene!
Love your layout!!
Hope to see you croppin' soon!