Saturday, August 4, 2007

Donna Downey Newsletter- Creative Playground

Do you read Donna Downey's newsletter? Once a month it is sent out... you can click here to sign up. In each "issue" it gives a challenge. Then the following month she posts some of her favorites. Last month was Shopping Tags-- you had to use your shopping tags in layouts, mini books, etc. I took the challenge and made a CHA book using all the clothing tags we collected over the course of the month. I was so excited to see I was part of her selection!! Here is some of the book. -Candi


Charlene E. said...

Did you cover the clothing tags you collected? Pictures? Paper? I'm not sure I understand the "Challenge"?
That sounds like I'm really stupid! I've never done any challenges from any web sites or stores, so not sure about them.
Candi, it is really neat though!

Candi Ladwig said...

Yep, I covered them with paper and pictures. For instance... the 2Peas pink tag is one of those that are on the waistline of jeans. The Tim Holtz hand picture is on a baby Gap tag. I just used them as embellishments. The challenge was to make your trash a treasure. -- something you wouldn't want to throw away. Try it, it was fun! Stay tuned I will be posting challenges on the blog *for prizes*!! Coming next week!!

The Lansinks said...

you are so creative! your book looks great...can't wait to see more!

Beth L said...

Great job, Candi! I think we have the most creative designers and customers. I can't wait to see a challenge from the store!