Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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This week's topic is SCALLOPED PAPERS...

I used scalloped paper for the first time a couple of months ago. I found myself cutting it apart to take the scallops off the edges and using the edges as decorative borders. It's so much easier to trim off the edge than to use a punch, or cut it by hand to get the same look. By accident, I found that if you cut the scallop across the paper (from one side to the other) it leaves a perfectly rounded cylinder shape for borders, journaling, or just makes another great layering piece. What I have really gotten into lately are the scalloped shapes. I love the circles. Cut them in half and place one half on each side of a two page spread. It makes the pages balance each other very nicely.

I think some papers really lend themselves to using scalloped paper. I like to use it with paper that has a circular pattern to it. And with so many colors…you can match almost anything! I also just learned to make scallops with my corner rounder by taking the guard off and putting the paper straight in. This way, I can make scallops with any paper.


The scalloped paper is one of the latest products that I just can't get enough off. It is my favorite paper to use with cards! I just love using the different rectangle colors and folding them in half. They fit in a 6x6 envelope perfectly! I also love the way the girls have used the different shapes on the layouts throughout the store! Come on in and check them out!

Love the scalloped paper. I like tucking small sections in here and there. Sometimes I cut a strip to create a border, punched it & tied ribbon thru the punches. I have inked, stacked & offset more than one scalloped strip to create a layered look. I have used it as a template to create scallops on printed paper. Lots of fun uses.

I have used the MM glaze & highlighted the scallops. I have used it under other paper to give a layered look. HUUMM?? It is nice in a card, just fold the rectangle pieces, 6 x 12 in half & voila! an instant card!

Not only are scalloped papers great on their own, but you can punch holes in each one (cool with small scallops) or other punch shapes (a heart that fit in each one is a cute idea.) You can use a scalloped paper as a template on printed paper, and make your own, you can trace the scallops onto another paper and then place rhinestones, brads &/or flowers along this line and have a sweet border or frame... Scalloped edges can be inked, painted or distressed. And be sure to check out all the great shaped of cardstock too, like huge tags, flowers, scalloped hearts, etc!

Let us know what you think... How do YOU use scalloped paper?

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Charlene E. said...

I have not used the scalloped papers yet. I saw on the front of Creating Keepsakes a neat lo that used scalloped paper. I'm looking for the right picture to use for it so I can use the paper, finally. It always seems I'm the last to use the hot trends.