Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Alcohol Ink Pens by Marvy Uchida! Available NOW!

Are you looking for AFFORDABLE, permanent and blend-able ink pens? We have what you need! 
Marvy Uchida's NEW alcohol ink based markers! 
These markers work just like (or better!) than other popular brands of artist markers, yet they are priced more affordably. We tried them out at CHA and just LOVED how easy they are to use! Use them for rubber stamping, coloring, and much more! Currently available in 144 colors, 141 of them are alcohol based, the other 3 are opaque and pigmented.
Want to see what colors are available? Marvy has provided a downloadable and printable color guide! Just click here to download and print!
 I tried to find a little helpful video but these markers are so NEW that I couldn't find any cool how-to videos! However, these markers work the same way as copics. I have never used alcohol-based inks before so when I tried them out at CHA I was intimidated at first! But they were so easy! 
Here's what I practiced with at CHA... at first I was going to toss it because I chose a color that didn't work, but the demonstrator said no, just choose another color and blend over it. Keep blending till you like it... and light colors can blend over darks! These are fabulous! This newbie to alcohol pens is a convert, and I'm going to give them even more of a try.

So stop in and check them out!

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