Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WINNER! and LOTS of NEW Best Creations!

Congratulations to Therese Devlin! She's our winner today of a re-usable Scrapaganza bag with lots of scrappy goodness inside! Yay Therese! If you didn't already have one, now you have a bag that can get you lots more goodness on our Bag sale days!  Like EVERY Monday, bring your bag in for 10% off your ENTIRE purchase!

I just have to show everyone, we have ALL the NEW Best Creation releases from CHA Winter! Glittered papers galore and they are ALL SUPER CUTE!!! Check these out!
I have to tell you, these are all SO much prettier in person! And they are selling quick! We put them out last Friday and customers love them and are snapping them up! So come in quick to get some! We are getting new stuff daily! In fact I'm falling behind getting pictures of the new stuff up here! haha!

We can't WAIT to see you at the store!

Oh, and just because we picked a winner already for the Facebook 500 Likes contest, doesn't mean you shouldn't still go and "Like" us on Facebook! We have plans for lots of ways for our Facebook fans to WIN WIN WIN! So go "Like" us so you'll have a chance too!

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bunniesrfun said...

We would all "Like" you even if you weren't picking winners. Because with you guys Everyone is "something special" at Scrapaganza!