Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Can you stand the suspense!?!?

This months challenge is about color...

Color can be just as inspirational as anything else!
It is definitely part of this art we call scrapbooking!
And combinations of colors can inspire us as well!

Have you ever been shopping, and what draws you to a sweater, let's say, is the combination of color? Transfer that to a scrapbook page!!

We see it all the time in paper... pink added to Christmas or winter lines of product, purple to Halloween... unexpected colors in spring. Colors undoubtedly make us FEEL something.

Again, transfer that to your layouts!

I pulled this months blog challenge color combination from this challenge blog called "Color Combos Galore". Each challenge presents a set of four color combination's!
sienna - chartreuse - straw - gray

So join along and try it out! I think this combo fits well into the season!
The girls at Scrapaganza would be HAPPY to help you out finding papers and embellish that work with this challenge!

Have your layouts either posted with a link here, emailed to, or stop by the store and we can take a picture!!

Here is what our designers dreamed up!


AND last months winner, winner, chicken dinner! (Corny, I know!)
Drawing names out of a hat, ROBIN SISEMORE!!!
You have won our prize drawing! (She is going to think it's rigged since she JUST mentioned she never wins!! ) Come on in to Scrapaganza to collect your prize!!

Always LOTS of great ideas!!

Alright-y then! We hope to see LOTS of color submitted to the September Challenge!!

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Michele said...

YAY ROBIN!!! Congrats! (yeah I know she doesn't read the blog, I'll tell her in person!)