Tuesday, June 2, 2009


(What are YOUR favorites?)
-Drawing June 15th at 8pm

Come in SOON for the best selection!What are Thickers??

They are the BEST additions to your pages!
They are "Thick" letter stickers!
Foam, Vinyl, Chipboard, "Puffy", Fabric, Glitter... and each Font comes in SEVERAL colors!

You DON'T want to MISS OUT on using THICKERS!
They make your pages COMPLETE!!
And they are EVERYWHERE in online galleries, scrapbooking magazines...

Friend of Scrapaganza, Megan Klauer, shows us here how using a combination of Thickers can
REALLY make your titles POP!!

Come in SOON for the best selection of new:
American Crafts
Jenni Bowlin
Fancy Pants
Making Memories
Creative Imaginations


OH-and if you were DEBATING about Scrapaganza's Favorite Things Crop-there are LESS than 20 seats left!!

That's right, we already have over 80 people signed up for this INCREDIBLE event!

Yes, it IS a value in scrapbooking when you go home with over $140 in product and you pay $99 for two days of "Favorite Things"products selected by the Scrapaganza Designers (and Owners), drawings, HUGE prizes, contests, food, and SO MUCH FUN!



Charlene E. said...

I LOVE THICKERS!!!!!!! I will be in as soon as possible. My favorite? Well if you're talking material, I'd have to say foam. If you're talking font? I like giggles, but chit chat is a close second. I hope there is still a good selection by the time I can get in. Now, what colors do I need or should I say want?

Mindy said...

I love them all! I think those puffy ones are my fav right now. I don't have any thickers in yellow and I NEED some!

Michele said...

lol.. my favorites are vinyl but I use them all! I really like the glitter ones as well. Can't wait to shop the new stuff!

Anonymous said...

omg. i love the thickers. my husband has banned me from the thickers because i squee every time some new ones come in. i heart the pink ones! those are my favorite. don't care if they are puffy or not so long as they are pink.

meganklauer said...

Okay, you suckered me in! I made my trip over there today {don't worry; I left plenty for everyone else} :0)

Christine said...

I love the yellow ones!!!

Abbey S. said...

I love the lullaby --- in yellow of course :)

A splash of Sherry said...

omg. i think i feel myself hyperventilating. i love thickers. the cursive are my fav. and i don't have any yet. guess what that means. i see a trip in my future.

Sophia said...

Oh my goodness!!! I'm totally in love with Thickers! I can never get enough of them! I'm suddenly into the Puffy ones...but I like the foam ones as well. Then again, so long they are Thickers in my favourite colors, I love them all!

Becky in WI said...

I have joined the bandwagon...
thickers rock!! I have been using them only for a couple months now, but LOVE the look it has added to my pages. So cool!!
I think rootbeer font is a favorite and any color will do :)
But then again, there is dolce, prancer, rainboots is fun, oh! don't forget sprinkles....LOL!

bbum said...

I like the green foam thickers! I am so excited to have found your store!! I'm 2 1/2 hrs away but am picking up my sister and her kids at the Quad Cities Airport on Tuesday. Guess where I will be stopping first!!! I can't wait!!

Colleen said...

Okay, I might be in trouble here. I so totally don't get the thickers. I have tried a couple and have problems with them staying on. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I love these. Megan is the Thicker QUEEN!!!!

Marion said...

I love them all. Right now my favorites are the puffy, polka dot ones.

VTJennygirl said...

This is the first I've heard of Thickers and can't wait to get them to use on my cards! It seems like Thickers will give them a more elegant, "expensive" look!

Margie said...

I have purchased about 6 packages of the thickers...and have yet to use them!! I love looking at the gallery for new ideas!!! I am a packrat when it comes to new things...don't have to use them -- just buying them is great!! :)

Pat O. said...

I also LOVE The Thickers and have several fonts!!! My favorite so far is Rainboots with Chit Chat a close second!! I have most colors but have not found a medium blue so far. Is this color out there? I have visited the store and can say that I am very impressed with all the different fonts and colors!!

julieann said...

Love the Thickers!! My current fave is Vera - a super cool vinyl:) The classic that I will love on all most any lo is Rootbeer Float!
Now I need to make a trip down to see you girls:)

Kim said...

How I am going to get my hands on these thickers from 1200 miles away??????? Ahhhhhh!!!! Please save some for me....pretty please!