Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Page Maps-Desgin Diva sighting!

Becky Flecks Page Maps (which, by the way, we have the book in stock!!)
Has a monthly newsletter, with new "maps"/sketches each MONTH!
WHAT a wonderful source of inspiration!!! Seriously!

They have YEARS of archives of their maps, AND the book is not only is filled with WONDERFUL ideas and sketches, but it has punch out cards and a box to hold them of sketches-to-go!

ANYWAY, Design Diva Penny AND friend of Scrapaganza Angela Ploegman are BOTH contributors for Page Maps (mini-maps, which are updated less frequently, and working with layouts 8x8 and smaller!)!!

The funnies thing about that-we didn't know the other was going to be contributors this month AND we both had the same size map AND we used the same product line! Too funny!
Angela's 7x5 layout:
Penny's 7x5 layout:But regardless, you don't want to miss out on the inspiration that is offered through Page Maps!

You can sign up for their newsletter, and get the sketches emailed to you each month!

Speaking of Angela... Angela is our featured designer for our new class series: Designer's Series!
Each month when Design Diva's or Friends of Scrapaganza are featured in Scrapbooking Publications, you, our customers can take the class to create what they created!
It's that simple!
So Angela, featured in Handmade Magazine for April will be teaching the Flower Frame at Scrapaganza April 18th 10am-12noon!
Call the store for pricing!


meganklauer said...

Awesome job ladies! Congrats to you both!

A splash of Sherry said...

I love Page Maps. Congrats. Love both of these layouts. Love the felties Penny.