Friday, March 20, 2009

Scrapaganza Review! (Cruisin' the blogs!)

Have you posted about Scrapaganza on YOUR blog?? Give us a link!

It is always wonderful to hear what people have to say about the store, and this is no exception!

Look what a great review we got from "Ingenious Inkling"!

SO glad you had a good time and friendly experience!

That's our goal!!

Tonight's crop is SOLD OUT, but there are still a couple seats left for next Friday night!
Give us a call! They have been filling up FAST!!
Oh so much FUN!!

Just $5 and you get snacks, a drink, and 15% off your entire purchase!!! Not gettin' THAT anywhere else!

The Garage Sale is COMING SOON to Scrapaganza! Last chance to sign up! Well over 30 sellers signed up already!

And keep in mind, just 10% of your sales is our commission... the rest is yours to spend on NEW product (or classes, or crops or kits...). AND your garage sale earnings do NOT expire! You earn your money, you get to spend it at Scrapaganza HOW and WHEN you want!!

Punch cards: Ever $5 you spend, you get a stamp. And when your stamp card is full, you can spend it how YOU want... classes, crops, kits product... it spends like cash!! A stamp above the rest!!

See ya soon!!


Shelley Haganman said...

When is the garage sale?

Michele said...

I went ahead and posted about Scrapaganza on my blog. :) I don't have many readers yet but here's the link!

Shelley, I think the garage sale is easter weekend.