Monday, February 16, 2009

Ready for a challenge???

OK, so we had a WONDERFUL Grand Re-Opening Celebration...

The dust is starting to settle, and it's about time we get "back to business as usual".
But then we have really no intention of "as usual"! We are ALL about trying new things and coming up with new ideas to inspire!

REGARDLESS, what we DO want to continue with is the BLOG CHALLENGE!!

Congratulations for her winning entry in the December Blog Challenge!!
Annette, come on down (or in!)
What an original idea!
Good goin' girl!
For February, something a little different!
See this layout? It is by Kelli Crowe. (Her link is just to the right-and has been for some time, so we thought you might be familiar!)
We wanted to give you some idea how to "scraplift".
Take a layout you see, "copy" it in some way. Some may copy it exactly... but we wanted to show you how you can use it ias a "sketch" or use some component of it is such a way that inspires your layout!
Where it is the size of the pictures and/or their placement, the colors... you name it. Use her layout for your inspiration!!

The winner of this challenge will be featured in our newsletter!!

Here is what some of the Design Diva's did with Kelli's layout!

Tracy:Rachelle:Email your layout by March 15th, or come by the store and we will take a quick picture of it!!

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