Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Imagine Kelly's surprise when she finds out that she, the paper crafter, is filming her segment of layouts and other paper projects, outside... in the wind... on the top of a hill...
Let's just say, she was VERY glad to be borrowing KWQC's roll of scotch tape!

That's right, we taped EVERYTHING down! :)

Regardless, Kelly performed near flawlessly, and kept her usual cool!

You can click here, and click on "Paula Sands Live on July 1st, 2008"!

See Kelly up there on the top right? :)

Yep, right above the road!
No Hands! No Hands! :)
Ready to start...
Paula appreciating Candi's AWESOME window creation! I was going to give you a picture, but ya know what, your gonna have to come visit us to see this in person!! VERY cool!!
Talkin' shop...
Doin' a vinyl rub-on...
Thanks Paula (and Demond)!! We love to come to PSL LIVE! Even outside! :)
And thank you Katie, for being our biggest fan!! Much appreciated!

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