Monday, May 5, 2008


We had SO much fun!
It was sad to see people go!

What a GREAT event!Friends were made, or shared...Prizes were won...
The Scrap off was SO high energy!
Way to go Lolly! A layout in 5 minutes!Thank you everyone for the enthusiasm and fun!
We are so happy you came to join us for THE cropping event!

Just ANOTHER FUN AND FABULOUS way Scrapaganza is helping YOU

Enjoy the slide show!! (I took SO many pictures!!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Girls!

LOVE the new website. We had tons of fun at the Favorite Things event. Hope there is another one next year. J

See you soon!
Katie Kester
Business Manager

Charlene E. said...

Penny, don't you have Photoshop or something to "doctor" the photos of me? I look awful! But I had so much fun! The final total of lo done was 33, over the 2 days, 9 of them were on Friday. I hope this is an annual event for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies!

I just wanted to thank you for putting on the crop weekend this past Friday and Saturday. I had such a fun time! Even though I signed up with a friend, I met the best people, looked at a lot of creative layouts as I walked around the room, and found the event sparked some creative energy in me, too! I even visited with a scrapbooker who was using her Cricut and she was kind enough to demonstrate some ‘how-to’s’ for me as I begin using my Cricut Christmas gift.

I have been to a few other weekend crops and yours was extremely well-planned, with LOTS of energy (maybe it was the chocolate fountain…) and I had a great 2 days. Your staff was so positive and so fun, they made it a really good time. I really enjoyed the ‘favorite things’ which will take me out of my ‘comfort zone’ I sometimes get into as I scrapbook and allow me to try some new and different items and techniques. Not sure how you managed to provide all the stuff you did at $99, but we all sure got a big bang for our bucks.

My only suggestion for the next time would be seat cushions! My tush was very tired by late Saturday night!


Angela said...

What an awesome event! Thanks so much for the great time!