Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hello from California!!

Penny and Candi reporting live from California!! We hear that it is like 2 degrees in Iowa.
THAT'S a bummer! It's about 65 degrees here! :)

We are in scrapbookers heaven!! WOW! It is always fun seeing all the new product, but since we are at the booth most of the time, we have only got to see a few of our favorites so far...

Speaking of which, Memories Complete! It is SO very exiting to see our designs "in person"! We didn't get our hands on the product until late on Friday night, and thanks to Candi's "scrapbook store on wheels" (truley the Scrapbooking Emergency Mobile Unit-one of her two bags were scrapbooking supplies) we scrapped the 12 layouts needed for the booth in one day! Talk about scrapbooking under pressure! But we are happy with the results, and excited to be working with the product!

Here I am, all excited to get the first looks at the product!! I am VERY happy to see it!

So far we have had MUCH positive feedback, and boy we were hoppin' during the make and takes!

Here is the booth before we got started:

Here I am busy teaching the make and take (2-6x12 layouts and a 6x6 layout!)

Candi got to meet her scrapbooking hero-twice now(Heidi Swapp). I am SURE we will have a lunch date tomoorow! Ok-maybe not, but she is VERY sweet, and her new product is VERY yummy!! Candi vows, new outfit, new picture with Heidi.

There will be a restraining order requested soon, I am sure! ;)

Ali Edwards is the NICEST lady EVER! I had the best time talking with her! OK-she gave some BIG hugs! DANG! I was already a fan, but I have new respect for her-SO nice!! And she had the COOLEST shoes-sorry, that picture will have to come later-it's on my other camera. :(

Candi with Donna Dawney...

We certianly had a big day of meeting the scrapbook "celebrities"!!

Thank you Scrapaganza for an awesome "home base"! We can't wait to get home and scrapbook our week, and share with all of you our awesome adventure!

Tomorrow is my (Penny) Birthday. We work until lunch, hit out favorite manufacturers, and then off to Newport Beach and a cupcake at "Sprinkles"!

We'll try to get back to you before our journey's end!!


Kim said...
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Kim said...

Who is writing here? Candi or Penny? I am so confused! Looks like the booth is rockin'! Love the pics....just FYI the Memories Complete link isn't working....

Marion said...

Dang! I'm SO jealous! You guys have all of us living vicariously through you so don't do anything we wouldn't do! hee hee.

Stephen Fischer said...

Happy B-daY!
Eat a cupcake or 2 for me!!! White with white frosting pleeze!
Everything looks cool & so much fun! We want a slide show wehn you get home!

Ashleigh Dillin said...

How about a slide show NOW please :) I am dying to see these layouts you made in ONE FREAKIN' Day!!!

Jodi Lansink said...

You're going to SPRINKLES!!! I have always wanted to go there!

Looks like you are having an amazing time....I keep checking in to see your updates! Keep them coming!

Charlene E. said...

I am SO jealous of you two. I can't wait to see everything. Is your new product going to be in the store? I want to see!